Who will be king of Oceania?

LAN Is Back

GIC Esports Arena, Melbourne, VIC 15 - 16th January 2022

Welcome to The LAN Downunder 2022

Team Fortress 2 LAN event

We're back! Team Fortress 2's Oceanic Major LAN has returned after two year's of pandemic and chaos to bring you more of the best TF2 in the region!

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Frequently Asked Questions



  • As the situation can always change, we are keeping tabs on any restrictions that may apply at both state and federal level. In the unlikely scenario lockdown rules remain active in Melbourne on January 3rd, we will move the event to an online event. Refunds will be provided if such occurs. We recommend booking with flights and accommodation with someone that provides refunds for issues like this.

  • A COVIDSafe plan has been made to ensure the safety of all players and staff. Requirements such as regular cleaning of playing areas and dedicated seats for each player to maintain social distancing. We strongly recommend bringing your own peripherals to help us maintain your safety. We recommend booking with flights and accommodation with someone that provides refunds for issues like this.

  • We will be following the direct instruction of the Victorian Government, in the unlikely event we need to close the venue refunds will be provided for the time lost.


  • This year we will continue to use smash.gg for signups and brackets. Please register here. Select 'Player' and then select the event to create a team.

  • We unfortunately needed to increase the entry fee slightly to cover for the 8 extra hours of gameplay you now get. Also COVID.

  • Sounds great! Feel free to reach out to us over Discord or email us: [email protected]

  • Sounds cool to us! Flick us an email at [email protected] and we can chat there.

  • Yes! This year we will be running a big broadcast from studio in Melbourne, you can tune in from our Twitch channel.

  • Yes! A prize pool has yet to be confirmed, but we're currently discussing deals with sponsors.

  • For spectators: Just your glorious self!. A mask would be handy too.

    For players/PC users: Just your glorious self! You must bring a USB stick with your configs to use them. You are also recommended to bring your own keyboard, mouse and headphones! We are providing high quality PCs for the duration of the event. A mask would be handy too.

  • No. For COVID safety we have chosen to prepay for this year's LAN. Additionally we had issues with people not paying up last time and would like to avoid that going forward...


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