The LAN Downunder 2023

Conditions of Entry

Prohibited items

The following items are not permitted in the event 

Bag Restrictions

For the LAN Downunder event, any bag that cannot be stored by the attendee (e.g. at the player’s assigned computer) are not permitted.

If you have specific requirements where a larger bag may be necessary, please contact staff prior to the event day.


As GIC is not a licensed venue, the following provisions apply: 


Smoking and/or vaping is not permitted within the LAN Downunder event venue, or within 10m of the venue entrance.

Please be aware that upon re-entry you may be required to show your ticket/wristband.


Tickets, mobile or hard-copy; must be retained at all times.

Any tickets that are damaged, defaced or invalid in any way will not permit the holder to be admitted to the event.

Attendees must be able to produce their ticket at any time during the event.

Players must only occupy their designated seats as directed by staff.

Restrictions On Entry

LAN Downunder management reserves the right to:

Ejection From Venue

A person may be liable for prosecution or a fine or may be ejected from the event where that person:

Other Conditions

General Admission Specific Conditions

The LAN Downunder staff are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all attendees.

Staff are here to provide assistance and to enhance your opportunity to have a positive experience. 

Patrons are advised to take note of the following guidelines prior to accessing the event area.

COVID 19 Specific Conditions

Equipment regulations

All equipment provided by GIC E-Sports Arena is hired out to players ONLY for the duration of the event. Any attendee that wishes to use equipment outside of these hours, must pay the standard hourly rates of GIC E-Sports.

Computers are only to be used by attendees who have purchased player tickets. Players who have purchased a spectator ticket, do not have authorisation to use any computers assigned to the LAN Downunder. Players are only to use computers that they have been assigned, unless directed by a staff member. 

Equipment used by players must be returned in the same condition at the conclusion of the event as it was received. Any equipment provided in poor condition must be reported immediately to LAN or GIC E-Sports staff members. Any damages to GIC E-Sports equipment must be repaid by the attendee involved, LAN Downunder will not be paying damages caused by attendees.

All production equipment is to only be handled by LAN Downunder staff. All attendees are strictly prohibited from interfering with any production equipment, or entering production/staff only areas. Failure to follow these directions may result in removal from the event. Any damages as a result of not following these directions must be repaid by the attendee involved.

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